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If the degree of findings needs to be subclassified, then it is recorded using lowercase letters placed after the Arabic numeral e. For consistency with the classification of gastric carcinoma, superior mesenteric, para-aortic, sub-pyloric, omental, and splenic hilar lymph nodes are numbered 214, 216, 206, 204, and 210, respectively. No perineural invasion Pn1: When there are no feeding arteries within 10 cm from the tumor margin, the area extends up to 5 cm beyond the artery closest to the tumor margin and the opposite side extends up to 10 cm from the tumor margin. Perianal skin is defined as hair-bearing skin within 5 cm of the anal verge excluding the external genitalia. No tumor cell necrosis or degeneration in response to treatment is observed.

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Lateral lymph nodes Gray: No tumor identified at the proximal margin PM1: Hospital mortality is defined as death while in hospital following any surgical treatment. Whether concomitant therapy chemotherapy. If the cancer invasion is of the SM, the submucosal invasion distance is 1500 μm, and lymphatic vessel invasion is observed in the SS, then the correct designation is pT3 Ly -SM:

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The cancer location is recorded in accordance with the anatomical division of the large intestine. For rectal and anal cancers, the circumferential.

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